Coaching for Lawyers

Coaching Program Offerings:

IKD is a premium provider of executive coaching for lawyers and legal sector professionals across the Asia-Pacific region. We focus on specific goals and challenges and design customised personal development through coaching to support both individual growth in alignment with organisational goals.

Why Coaching?

Some Lawyers prefer a 1:1 approach and others do not have the opportunity to be part of a development program. Coaching is an intensive development model that accompanies a number of our development programs for senior lawyers.


The Coaching Process:

Our coaching process involves an upfront agreement about the key challenges that will be addressed but does not exclude those that may emerge along the way. The coach takes up the role of educator, feedback provider, challenger and supporter. Specific tasks and new behaviours are set during each session and reflection is a process used to analyse progress and development. IKD recognises that results are a matter of the client's intentions, choices and actions, supported by the coach's efforts and the application of the coaching process. Coaching sponsors are also engaged at various stages along the way to build support and maximise positive results. The following coaching focuses for junior, mid level and senior lawyers will give you a sense of the work and potential value. 

Senior Lawyers:

Coaching goals amongst senior lawyers include managing the transition to senior leadership roles, managing complex client issues, having perspective, dealing with tough direct reports and building inner confidence. Career transitions, effective influencing in political landscapes, executive presence amongst stakeholders, personal resilience and how to best develop a team and areas of practice help senior lawyers perform at an exceptional level.


Mid-Level Lawyers:

Key coaching focus areas for mid level lawyers range from developing leadership style awareness, expanding delegation, coaching and feedback skills and taking time out to do a career stocktake that will inform professional opportunity and decision making also feature regularly.  Beginning to move away from just doing the work to considering how the work is done or how to generate the work is a critical transition for lawyers, especially in the private practice context.


Junior Lawyers:

Popular topics for coaching a this level include building awareness of personal brand, developing inner confidence, managing one's inner critic and nurturing one's inner coach. Developing effective habits as the professional you want to become is a useful focus for coaching junior lawyers.